Gutter Guard-All Warranty Rules

All warranties come with some type of rules for it to be fair to the company and the customer. Here is a list of reasonable rules for installing Gutter Guard-All on your house and expecting it to last for 25 years without having to clean them. Please read the rules carefully to get the full benefits of the Gutter Guard-All System.

Before installing Gutter Guard-All

1. Clean Gutters
Make sure your gutters are clean all the way to the paint using a garden hose to wash the gutters out, every section of gutters on the house. All gutters must be covered with gutter guards on all levels to keep the leaves and tree seeds from getting into the gutters. 

2. Document with Video
Video record and varify all gutters by sending a copy of these video recordings to the company email listed in CONTACT page. Save a copy for your records. We will accept a flash drive copy sent to the address listed in CONTACT page. Download your pictures to the flash drive and send the flash drive or use your smart phone to send the pictures.
on the pictures or be included in the details of the pictures.
3. Remove all of the baskets at the downspouts and discard them.

4. Remove all of the deflector shields at the inside corners and discard them.

5. Make sure your gutters are level to within 1/8" end to end. (Level gutters works best) on every section of the house. When you're​ installing the guard if you have questions read the instructions to make sure your installing them correctly.

 Most seamless gutter Installers hang the gutters close to level and you can see this but visually checking the distance between the bottom of the gutters and the bottom of the facia board. If the gutters look level they probably are, if they look like they are hanging lower at one end they probably are. Low hanging gutter can't catch the water if the water doesn't even touch the guard, and if one end is lower than the other the amount of water the gutters can carry is greatly reduced. The only reason Gutter Installers drop one end is to get all of the water out, a level gutter will do the same thing but will carry more water, air flow will dry the gutter after the rain stops and airflow will keep the leaves and seeds off of your guards and out of the gutters.  If you have twigs, stems and branches laying on your roof before installing, your trees will need to be trimmed to allow proper air flow and sunlight in to help keep the roof dry and eliminating green algie growth.
NOTE; if you're not certain about something take pictures of each gutter, email the pictures to the address in the website or send them directly to my SMART PHONE USING MESSAGE, you will get the cell number by calling 800-GUTTER 5 . Allow 24 hours and please call between 9-5 weekdays EST. If you don't get a response after a day please call back. Call volume can be high.

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