k style gutters, gutter guard all

Fits 5" K style

gutter guard all

2 ft long, 5 1/2" wide, 1/16" thick of Injected
Polypropylene Screen
and attachment clip.

double textured mesh,gutter guard all

Textured Double Mesh for Strength & Water Penetration. Screen Type 4 design, which will not plug or trap tree seeds.
gutter guard all clip

Extruded rigid vinyl attachment lip (clip)
2 ft long
gutter guard all clip

Fits the gutter lip perfectly, snaps on in seconds, stays on, and doesn't need screws or rivets.
uv protection,gutter guard all

UV stabilized material

Protection from the
sun's rays.
roof examples

Works on various roof types like asphalt shingle and stone coated metal. Call for which metal roof these install on.

Water Flow

Gutter Guard-AllTM
 is designed to catch the water at the very edge of the last shingle (the edge of the roof). The water penetrates completely through the screen before it gets halfway across. Over 90% of the water drops through the screen within the first inch. This happens because the guard is textured with wires running in different directions from each other.

Gutter Guard-All measurements; 2 ft long, 5 1/2" wide, 1/16" thickness. Textured double mesh screen for strength and water penetration. Type 4 design which will not plug or trap tree seeds.

Gutter Guard-AllTM passes 1500 gallons of water per hour through less than 63 inches of Gutter Guard-All. This means 23.8 gallons of water (per inch, per hour) is the amount our guard can handle or more. Not all competitors' gutter guards are the same; some work, some don't.  Unlike metal gutter covers or mirco mesh guards, Gutter Guard-AllTM will never cascade water and roof grit over the front of your gutters. Gutter Guard-AllTM will never trap leaves, tree seeds, and twigs on top of your gutters. View our video Youtube video channel.

These guards are to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of a minimum 25 year. This is also a NO PLUG warranty! If installation instructions are followed correctly and your gutters plug, we will pay to have your gutters cleaned.

Our Guarantee
We stand behind the statement that if any of our guards blows off your roof, no matter what wind conditions, we will replace it for free! This guard will not fall off or blow off, even when wind speed is 150 mph. As long as the roof and gutters stays attached and not damaged, you are covered.

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The only gutter guard
designed by installers to
stop gutter plugging and
yearly cleaning guaranteed!

made in the usa
Licensed under
U.S. Patent Number
(Other patents pending)