What's Gutter Guard-AllTM made of?
Gutter Guard-AllTM  guards are made of Polypropylene (PP), also known as polypropene, is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications. It is used in injection molding to manufacture any shape any size of product. Polypropylene is tough and flexible. UV-absorbing additives are used to protect it from UV Radiation such as that present in sun light. Gutter Guard-AllTM  comes with a 25 year warranty. (Contact us for more details)

Do they blow off?
Gutter Guard-AllTM guards are guaranteed not to blow off. We stand behind the statement that if any of our guards blows off your roof, no matter what wind conditions, we will replace it for free! This guard will not fall off or blow off, even when wind speed is 150 mph. As long as the roof and gutters stays attached and not damaged, you are covered.

Any problem with Valleys?
Valleys are usually a troubled spot for most gutter guards. Water will pass through Gutter Guard-AllTM at a rate of 23 gallons per hour / per inch. Valleys have 8 to 10 inches of screen at inside corners, so 4 to 5 gallons/per minute passes through our guard there which is no problem for Gutter Guard-AllTM.  Valleys must be kept clean. The guard may need to be swept off if debris is allowed to accumulate.  In most cases, the wind will blow off debris when dry.

Are birds and bees or other insects a problem?
Birds and bees are not a problem for Gutter Guards All, the ends of the guards are closed off, which keeps the birds bees and wasps out of the gutters and it won't breed mosquitoes either because the gutters are clean to the paint no standing water literally.

Can seeds, maple buds, and pine needles get in GGA?
Seeds and buds can not enter the Gutter Guard-AllTM, it is because the triangle holes are too small; the seeds just blow away. Pine needles can't penetrate either, if needles land on the guard, the wind blows most off,  WATER WILL STILL run through as normal. We do not guarantee pine needles will not lay on your gutters. See the instructions for more information on how far away from the house pine trees should be. Pine trees should never over hang a house for best results.

Do I have to remove the guards for winter, and what if ice forms on GGA?
Gutter Guard-AllTM has been designed to stay on all year long.  There is no need to remove our gutter guard. It is fastened to the roof line and top of the gutters. Ice forms on them just like all the others but Gutter Guard-AllTM won't sag or fall in. The ice forms through the screen and supports the screen. It doesn't freeze in the gutters it stays on the screen. It can support 6 or 7 inches of ice. No problem because the weight is supported by the gutter and the roof not the gutter guard when the ice does eventually melt it melts on the bottom and drains into the gutter it does not run down the front of the gutter. Ice spans the opening from roof to gutter top supporting the weight of the ice.

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