Leroy Pfeifer worked for Pfeifer Brothers Roofing part time while working full time for Galion Manufacturing Company in Galion Ohio. Five years of installing shingles, gutters and cleaning gutters with my brothers, I realized plugged gutters were a real problem, we never found a Gutter Guard that was effective in keeping gutters clean and free flowing. We trashed every Gutter Guard that we found when working on homes because they were ineffective and even adding to the problem. Water couldn't get out of the gutters because the Gutter Guard on the market at that time was so flimsy it would fall into the gutters trapping even more leaves and tree seeds. And if that wasn't bad enough the squirrels would grab it by one end and pull off 20 or 30 feet of it. That guard is still on the market today and is still ineffective for the same reasons.
One day while working on gutters one of my brothers said, we've never found a gutter guard yet that works so why don't people just clean the gutters. I told him if we haven't found a gutter guard that works, that's what I'm going to design a guard that actually keeps the gutters clean so the water can get to the downspouts. After all, "If we can put a man on the moon there really is a solution to plugged gutters".
Gutter Guard All LLC was established 1993 in Ohio.
I designed Gutter Guard All to slide under the shingles and attach to the top of the gutters. The size of the openings in the mesh will keep tree seeds and leaves out of the gutters and the rest will go down the drain regardless of the types of trees* surrounding your home. I designed a gutter guard that could easily attached to the top of the K style gutter systems already on the homes. I also designed the guards to easily install without the use of any nails, rivets, screws, glue or other special hardware which would only damage the roof shingles or the gutters. Both parts of the gutter guard system are made with plastic that are UV stabilized and can withstand weather for a minimum of 25 years. My Guard was warrantied for five years then now twenty five years.
I didn't know at the time I designed it, but realized as decades passed that this guard didn't need to be cleaned and was still working without any maintenance.*  Gutter Guard All has a 25 year, no plug, no clog, warranty for a complete gutter guard system. Follow the instructions when installing these guards and you are covered for twenty five years.

In 1997, Gutter Guard-ALLTM was one of only 45 products that won The Retailer's Choice Award at the national hardware show in Chicago, IL from among the thousands of products featured at that year's show. To commemorate this distinct honor, we received a Retailers' Choice Award plaque, and it was featured in the special November issue of Do-It-Yourself Retailing

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Mr. Lee Pfeifer
Rain Drain
6069 Monnett New Winchester Rd.
Galion, OH 44833

Dear Mr. Pfeifer:

Congratulations! Your innovative product, Gutter Guard-ALLTM, has been selected as a recipient of the 1997 Retailer's Choice Award.

The Retailer's Choice Award program was founded by Do-It-Yourself Retailing over 20 years ago to recognize and provide visibility for innovative products that have potential to pull a strong sales at retail. Each year we select a panel of key home improvement retailers to search the National Hardware Show and the National Building Products Exposition for the products they feel deserve such an honor.

Gutter Guard-ALLTM was one of only 45 products selected from among the thousands of products featured at this year's shows. To commemorate this distinct honor, we have enclosed a Retailers' Choice Award plaque.

Gutter Guard-ALLTM will be featured in a special Retailers' Choice Award editorial section in the November issue of Do-It-Yourself Retailing. Included in the section will be a photograph, your product's profile and a reader response number for sales inquiries. This issue of the magazine consistently achieves high readership and inquiry response and is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your award-winning product to a broad base of diy retailers.

We congratulate you on this award and look forward to assisting in your efforts to make your product successful.

John. P. Hammond
Managing Director/Publisher



gutter guard all, diy retailing award
gutter guard all, diy retailing award

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diy retailing award, gutter guard all

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